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Gazelle Panache was born out of a desire for a taste of class here in Botswana. When going around we noticed a gap in the industry of high-class quality products.

We used our experience and taste to look around the world to bring the very best quality to our Country, Botswana.

With the challenges brought about by Covid-19, we decided to go all out online creating an ability to buy international brands that are at our shop at Airport Junction Mall in Gaborone, offering our customers an ability to buy their own products that we have taken time to choose from the most reputable international stores. We make it easy for them to make payments and have their products shipped directly to them with an ability to track each product. In May 2024 we went all the way to Brazil to make connections with the very best in the industry. Your support is greatly appreciated!


We use the best designers around the world working mostly with Brazilian designers for our products that come to our store.

As for our online products, we choose the best, mostly genuine leather which is hand made to the highest quality for 100% Customer satisfaction.

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